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> new av rig for home with 3 room set up for 6000$
сообщение 02.08.2017, 09:30
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i'm from india and im planning a 3 room av setup with 6k$ as my budget for audio only.
my requirements for the rooms are
1 bedroom one - 2.1 channel (one tv),not too expensive system

i need help in narrowing down the equipment as im a newbie,also i want to upgrade my setup to 4k (including the projector) in due course(cost befitting) and wont be changing anything else for 7-10 years.
i need help with
1 A/V reciever with HDCP 2.2 within 1000$x2 for two rooms
has anyone had any experience with Auro 3d?is it worth the 199$ upgrade?

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