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5 авг 2017
What's your latest catch?

I recently gave a bunch of old DS/3DS games to a friend because I was never going to play them again and in return he got me Monster Hunter 4. I've never played any Monster Hunter games, but I guess now I might as well?

Before that I finally got my hands on Tales of the Abyss 3DS, which I hadn't been able to track down at a GameStop.

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References: /forums/threads/what-vide

Air Filtration Video Example
5 авг 2017
Do you want your kid's Barbie doll or stuffed animal to spy on you? Probably not, and that's why the FBI has warned consumers to consider their child's privacy and cyber security before "introducing smart, interactive, internet-connected toys into their homes or trusted environments."
A rising number of toys have been connected to the internet. Mattel actually made a smart Barbie doll, CloudPets made internet-connected stuff animals, and other companies have turned rudimentary playthings into Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The problems occur when companies don't secure these products--that smart Barbie can be hacked, and CloudPets' stuffed animals leaked private information and voice recordings.

for more youcan check:

Water Treatment Video Example
5 авг 2017
I use also WLAN from the FritzBox, additionally I have coupled a NetGear router to enhance the WLAN

Because of the (in my opinion) unacceptable situation, that I am forced to use old firmware, I think about changing my hardware setup. I am looking for a payable hardware router which allows me, to setup my home network and with regular updates.
I cannot remove FritzBox but I can add the firewall between the router and my network. I had a look to Fortinet and Zyxel router, but it seems they all have yearly costs which are quite expensive for personal use.

Any ideas or recommendations?

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http://www.tomshardw id-3487403/

BPO Management Video Example

4 авг 2017
Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me crunch these numbers correctly.

I purchased a small business with three partners a year ago and we are talking about paying down the principal early to save money in the long run

I'm trying to figure out how much we save by doing it this way versus paying the minimum and making a large payment at the end.
Also I want to reconcile so that the partner who paid the ~$106K lump sum right up front is refunded the balance between what they paid and what the other partners paid total.
If anyone can help me set this calc up, I’d appreciate it!

Workflow Management Video Example
4 авг 2017
I recently updated the OS of my samsung s7 from android 6 to android 7.0. It now seems like CL is running noticeably faster than in android 6. Has any of you done the same upgrade on the same or a different device? What's you experience?

Anyways, for those of you with an s7, if you haven't already i can really recommend upgrading to 7.0.

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Brand Communication Video Example
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