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18 окт 2017
I recently enlisted the help of a local computer expert in a small design job for our local speedway club. the computer man gave his services for free and, as he had never been to a speedway meeting, he and his wife were given a pair of complimentary tickets. After the meeting they were asked their thoughts on the evenings racing, these are their comments
This is not the first time I have heard this kind of comment, I can never understand why this fast action packed sport is not better known with tracks all round the country.

Has anyone had a similar eye opening experience after being persuaded to go along to their local speedway track?

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18 окт 2017

Picked this up for £12.99 in the PS Store sale and just completed the rather excellent single player.

Was really looking forward to getting stuck into the online but it looks as though it's all but dead. I was looking mainly at the co-op mode, CTF and Pilots Vs Pilots

but just couldn't find a lobby. Or are there other modes which are less dead than these?

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18 окт 2017

I was reading a discussion on Facebook of recent events and one mother suggested that the problems with violence against women in this society is due to the

way boys are raised. She said she asks her son permission before she hugs him and also expects the same from him. She says sometimes she does not want to be

touched and is important he knows and respects this. He is 9. Lots of parents are saying this is a good way to teach young boys about consent. What do you think?

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17 окт 2017

soo not to be disrespectful or whatever, but I just wanna show you that I am not the ONLY one thinking that skull and bones will

be a bad game when its just a naval mmo.

so here are some top youtube comments about skull and bones!

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17 окт 2017

are we also able to have multiple online players on ONE ship?

that some players use the cannons and one of them is on the wheel and stuff like that?

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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