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> Do you ever use Reverb on your guitars/drums in thrash/death metal mixes?
сообщение 18.08.2017, 07:52
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1I've done a few mixes for friends (I'm still a newbie) and these mixes were not Metal. They came out pretty darn good I'd say so myself. Then a friend asked me to mix a portion of one of his songs that had a metal part. I did it, and realized just how difficult it is to mix metal despite it's what I listen to almost exclusively. Although I'm old school, I'm not crazy about that old reverb sound from the 80's and much prefer a dryer sound from albums say made in 89'-92'.

So, as I was working on my buddy's music, I found if I added a decent amount of reverb to the snare and toms, and then compressed the hell out of the just reverb alone, it really opened up a space for that snare/toms to fit in the mix and sounded so much more professional. You can barely hear the reverb though. Sounds pretty nice. Then I started thinking, how many of my favorite albums have reverb on guitars or drums but I just can't hear it separately in the mix? I mean, Reign in Blood sounds so dry, but could it be there are trace amounts of reverb in the drums/guitars that give it its own sonic space?

Did my addition of reverb make that much of a difference? or maybe the compression of the reverb signal? Is it possible to get a professional sounding in metal WITHOUT any reverb??

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