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> Best Headphones for classical music in a noisy environment?
сообщение 29.06.2018, 12:27
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Well, a few of my friends were decrying the huge amount of noise one encounters on a typical NYC commmute, and the impossibility of listening to classical music on the subway because of the noise. We all agreed that it would be worth a few hundred dollars for headphones that would block the noise.. so here i am: What are the best classical music headphones, that can be driven acceptably by an iPod, that block a lot of noise? Etymotic ER-4P? Shure E3C? Koss Plugs? (heh) Bose QC2? (heh heh...) The budget is around $200 or less. BTW, i've tried using my Sony V6 cans and their noise-blocking ability is no match for the roaring, squealing, rattling NYC subway system, just in case someone was going to suggest just using big closed cans..

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