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12 2019
Theres a lot of bad news out today about the Broncos.But dont let the TMZ fan boys on Denver radio convince you that Von Millers cowboy-themed party is among them.Granted Phillip Lindsay Jersey , any time TMZ decides your party is worth writing about, you can be sure there will be some talk - and probably not the kind you want (just ask John Elway). But the local sensational journalism machine worked overtime today when several outlets jumped on a false story that Von Miller threw a cocaine-themed party. Many of the tweets have been deleted - and Les Shapiro did admit and apologize for his mistake - but Broncos Twitter has been afire all afternoon with this side story.Just stop.Miller hosted his annual Western-themed costume party in which a couple players dressed up as cocaine-using characters - Emmanuel Sanders as fake-but-legendary Chappelle Show crackhead Tyrone Biggums, and Brandon Marshall as Bobby Brown, a pop star/actor once addicted to cocaine. Two players. Pretending. In costume. For an annual Halloween party.If you want to be mad, be mad that they werent at home studying more Chiefs film before the game Sunday. But players are allowed to have social lives too - and not only was it was held the night before the players day off from practice, Miller made sure players were not driving if they had anything to drink.Although the fact that Chad Kelly was arrested at 1 a.m. after having attended the party earlier is a serious matter for Kelly and the team, its not about the party.And making an issue out of the party itself and the costumes worn is nothing more than shock jocks looking for attention or wanting another reason to blame the coach and front office for a bad culture in Dove Valley.There may be issues with the team culture, but an annual party does not inherently equal such accusations - as Elway pointed out on Orange and Blue Radio.So all this talk of stripping Miller of his team captain rank or calling for shipping Miller and Sanders out is just D-Mac needing to be in the headlines again.Broncos insider Mike Klis pointed out that the Broncos front office is very upset with Kelly - but that situation has nothing to do with the fact that Von Miller had a party and players dressed up for it. As things stand today, the Denver Broncos are in line to receive the 8th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. The process of earning a draft pick that high up sucks, but a smart franchise can capitalize on the opportunity and land a player who will become a long term cornerstone of the franchise. See: Miller, Von.So what might the Broncos do with the premier picks that appears to be in their future?The most obvious answer has to be: get a quarterback. But it may not be the right one. The prospective QB1, Oregons Justin Herbert, may not even declare this year. But even if he does, the Giants (and potentially the Raiders, depending on just how twitchy Grudens trigger finger gets) stand squarely in the Broncos way of acquiring him. And the QBs behind him arent the most inspiring group.With that in mind, you have to wonder if the Broncos should play a longer game. Maybe the right move could be trading back with a team like Miami or Tampa Bay, collecting their 2019 1st & 2nd rounders in the bargain, and planning to offer up multiple 1sts to make a move for our QB of choice in 2020, That sounds drastic until you consider that the 5 teams who took a step that bold in 2015 & 2016, the Rams, Chiefs Emmanuel Sanders Jersey , Eagles, Texans, & Bears, sport a combined record of 31-12at this point in the season. None of them are worse than .500, and 4 of the 5 are currently winning their divisions. And the one team in that group thats at .500, the Eagles, are the defending Super Bowl champions.Im not saying the Broncos will definitely go this route, but if they do- dont be mad. Its got a pretty nice track record lately, and if we cant beat em (and we cant), then maybe we should join them. But if the Broncos dont do something bold like that, here are some guys who may find themselves on stage next spring holding an orange & blue jersey:Offensive Tackle Jonah Williams, AlabamaWilliams is the premier offensive tackle in a pretty decent class. With Jared Veldheer set to be a free agent this offseason, if the Broncos dont re-sign him I could definitely see the team seeing Williams as a great option. The four year starter at Alabama would most likely step in immediately at left tackle, allowing the Broncos to move Garett Bolles over to right tackle. Things would suddenly get much more comfortable in the pocket for the Broncos quarterback(s).Defensive Lineman Rashan Gary, MichiganItd be a little surprising if the Broncos dedicated back-to-back top 10 picks to the front seven, but the idea does have its appeal. Gary would provide an additional interior threat that might remind Broncos fans pleasantly of Malik Jackson. And we all know exactly how devastating that kind of player can be in combination with two elite edge rushers. Gary would help ensure that the Broncos defense would remain one of the most physical and intimidating units in the NFL.Cornerback Greedy Williams, LSUThe overall CB class is not the best, but that doesnt prevent the top candidate from being excellent. If theres an Aqib Talib in the 2019 Draft, its Greedy Williams. And since an Aqib Talib is what the Broncos secondary very, very obviously needs, this pick would be a slam-dunk. A starting CB trio consisting of Chris Harris Bradley Chubb Jersey , Greedy Williams, & Isaac Yiadom could be a very difficult unit for QBs to throw against. Combine that with the best pair of edge rushers in the NFL in Von Miller & Bradley Chubb and, well, youd probably get something that looks suspiciously like the 2015 Broncos defense.Offensive Tackle Greg Little, Ole MissThe Bills will very likely pick before the Broncos, and should be well motivated to take Jonah Williams to bolster the NFLs worst offensive line. If they do that, the Broncos might also consider Greg Little. Hes likely to be right up there with William as a prospect, though he might not be quite as strong of a candidate to immediately push Bolles out of the left side of the line. The Big 4My mentor has a saying that Ive become fond of: Keep the main thing the main thing.Thats what John Elway needs to do when the draft finally gets here. Hes gone on record before, stating that the four positions he considers to be most important to a franchises success are quarterback, edge rusher, left offensive tackle, and cornerback. And his 1st round draft selections have consistently fallen in line with that priority. Elway keep the main thing the main thing, and hell do that again in the next draft.So if theres a quarterback there that the Broncos are convinced can be The Guy, you can be sure Elway will go that route. But there likely wont be such a QB for Denver until 2020. If thats so, then expect Elway to remain consistent and seek to either replenish the cornerback group, upgrade at left tackle, or find the final destructive piece of the pass rush puzzle.Ive got my fingers crossed for Greedy Williams, personally.Horse TracksWhy is Nathan Peterman still a starting quarterback? - SBNation.comBlack QBs arent given the same opportunities as white QBs. This is just the latest example.LeVeon Bells standoff with the Steelers explained - SBNation.comIs he ever coming back? Maybe! Heres EVERYTHING we know.The Vikings defense is a nightmare for QBs thanks to Danielle Hunter - SBNation.comFour sacks, six tackles AND a touchdown ... theres just no limit to what the Vikings pass rusher can do with his motor, says retired NFL defensive end Stephen White.The Los Angeles Chargers are finally lucky. Theyre also really good - SBNation.comThe Chargers are off to their best start to a season in over a decade.NFL picks 2018, Week 10: Can the Bengals or Lions pull off an upset? - SBNation.comOur panel of experts is here with cant miss picks for every game this week.2018 NFL picks Courtland Sutton Jersey , Week 10: Bet on the Titans against the Patriots, really - SBNation.comRetired NFL lineman and gambling guru Geoff Schwartz is back with three helpful picks for you this week.Rookie contract hero: Rams cornerback Marcus Peters is a puzzle in 2018 - SBNation.comPeters went from All-Pro to one of the leagues worst corners. Can he fix it?Big Ben, Steelers relentless in Panthers steamrolling - NFL.comWho needs Le'Veon Bell? The Pittsburgh Steelers' scorching offense put on a steamy performance that left the Carolina Panthers a wrinkled, disheveled mess on Thursday Night Football.QB Index, Week 10: Previewing offseason QB market - NFL.comWill Jon Gruden stick with Derek Carr as his QB in 2019? What does the future hold for Jameis Winston in Tampa? Gregg Rosenthal previews the offseason QB market and updates his ranking of this season's top 15 QBs.Rams to hold moment of silence for shooting victims - NFL.comA moment of silence will be held prior to the start of Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks in memory of the victims of Wednesday's shooting in Thousand Oaks, California.Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield is giving the city a reason to believeDespite the elation of a September victory, the Browns' losing ways have been hard to shake. But in Baker Mayfield, Cleveland (yes, finally!) has reason to believe again.WatchESPN: Live Sports, Game Replays, Video HighlightsStream live sports, watch game replays, get video highlights, and access featured ESPN programming on your computer, mobile device, and TV with WatchESPN.2018 NFL second-half predictions - Stats that matter, picks for playoffs, Super Bowl LIIIJulio Jones will score more touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes might level off. Here's what the numbers tell us about the rest of the NFL season.Making sense of NFL rule changes at midseason: What has worked - NFL Nation- ESPNThrough nine weeks of the NFL season, we check in on how the league's intricate rule changes for the 2018 season have fared.19 predictions for the 2019 NFL offseason - free agent signings, QB moves and moreWhere will Le'Veon Bell end up? Whom will the Giants get to replace Eli Manning? We're forecasting the biggest offseason stories.
12 2019
The Sunday Splash! reports have morphed into a Saturday Night Cannonball Competition! as NFL insiders try to one-up each other before game day arrives.Ian Rapoport of NFL Media has seen Adam Schefter of ESPNs report that its unlikely that Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell will report by Tuesdays deadline and raised Schefty a Steelers dont expect Bell to show.While similar James Conner Jersey , the reports are inherently different. Schefters represents an estimate of objective probability theres a less than 50 percent Bell chance that Bell will sign his tender. Rapoports report is more subjective, pointing to the current mindset of the team, which has nothing to do with whether Bell actually will show up.The Steelers seemingly dont want Bell to show up, which is the only way to explain their willingness to concede a major CBA point that, if deemed to be the law of the land, will have major reverberations throughout the league, as we will more fully explain on Sunday morning.History shows Week 1 has not been kind to LeVeon Bell The Steelers 53-man roster might be set for now, but its far from a finished product. One obvious omission is LeVeon Bell, who has yet to sign his franchise tag. Not knowing when Bell is going to show up will definitely affect the Steelers preparation for Week 1, but in whats now his sixth season in the NFL, an unconventional Week 1 is whats expected from Bell at this point.This is now the fourth straight season where LeVeon Bell hasnt been on the initial 53-man roster. Last year, Bell didnt sign his contract until Monday of Week 1. The Steelers received a roster exemption for Bell in 2017, and they activated him on Saturday before their Sunday game against the Browns. Although he reported on Friday September 1st, Bell didnt sign the tender until after the initial 53-man roster was released. In that Week-1 game against Cleveland, Bell rushed for 32 yards on 10 carries for an unimpressive 3.2-yard average per rush, along with three receptions for 15-yards. In both 2015 and 2016 Artie Burns Jersey , Bell began the season with a suspension. The 2015 suspension stemmed from his 2014 arrest for possession of marijuana and DUI. The following year, LeVeon once again had to serve a suspension, this time due to missing a drug test with the league. As a rookie in 2013, Bell was on the active roster but was injured and didnt play until Week 4 against the Vikings in London. The 2014 season has been the most normal start for Bell, yet it wasnt without controversy. It was on Wednesday, August 21, 2014, when Bell and LeGarrette Blount, along with a third passenger, were stopped and arrested for possession of marijuana and DUI as they were traveling to catch the team flight for their preseason game against the Eagles. The arrest and pending suspension loomed over the team for some time, making for another dramatic situation during Week 1. Bell did turn in a solid performance of 109 yards on 21 carries and 1 TD in the game, with a 5.2 ]-yard average per rush along with six receptions for 88 yards.Unfortunately, this season Bell didnt report on Friday after the final preseason game. Its unclear if hell even be active in Week 1, and odds of that happening are certainly slim at this point. Regardless, it would be unwise to expect a lot of production from him right out of the gate due to a re-run of the ever-present drama that Steelers Nation has come to expect from Bell during Week 1 of the regular season.
12 2019
Washington Redskins rookie running back Derrius Guice is out for the season after tearing the ACL in his left knee Jordan Reed Jersey , a significant blow to the ground game.Guice was injured in Washington's preseason opener at New England on Thursday night and could be seen on the sideline with ice on his knee. The team announced the prognosis Friday following an MRI, saying Guice should make a full recovery and be ready to play in 2019.Guice was expected to be the Redskins' starter after they selected him 59th overall in the draft. The LSU product was considered a first-round prospect and fell amid reports of character concerns before being taken late in the second."Grabbing him in the second round was obviously a great treat for us, but character was never a concern," coach Jay Gruden said recently, pointing to injuries and the quality of running backs as reasons for Guice falling in the draft. "He's been great, never been late, attentive, great attitude, always happy Derrius Guice Jersey , happy-go-lucky and fun to be around, quite frankly."Washington averaged 90.5 yards rushing last season, fifth-worst in the NFL. Injuries to Week 1 starter Rob Kelley and prolific third-down back Chris Thompson contributed to that, and Guice was expected to be a major part of solving the problem."He was supposed to be a first-round pick," Thompson said earlier in training camp. "He's one of those guys we're expecting a lot out of him. ... They're not expecting him to come here and have a 500-yard season. For him, I want 1,000-plus. I want that for him."In camp, Guice had been splitting first-team carries with Kelley and Samaje Perine. Gruden has said there's competition for the No. 1 job along with Thompson, who's coming back from a broken fibula."Had a tough time tryna hold back the tears this morning when I got the news Jonathan Allen Jersey ," Thompson tweeted after Guice's injury was revealed. "We had something great going in our room but you know the squad got you every step of the way bro. Heal up and get ready to take over the league next year."The competition is now wide open after Guice's season-ending injury. Kelley, a 2016 undrafted free agent who began last season as the starter, has gone from "Fat Rob" to "Fit Rob" and should now be considered the front-runner."I just make sure I go out there and I make a few plays that the catch the coaches' eyes and stuff like that and put myself in a great position," Kelley said. "At the end of the day, I can't pick who wins and lose the competition; it's up to the coaches and stuff like that. So, control what you can control."Beyond Kelley, Thompson and Perine, the Redskins have Kapri Bibbs, Byron Marshall and undrafted Martez Carter as running backs in camp.In addition to Guice Montae Nicholson Jersey , the team says tight end Manasseh Garner, a long shot to make the roster, is out for the season with an ACL injury. Shawn Lauvao returned from a calf injury last week and is active and starting again this week. Chase Roullier is back at center, and Tony Bergstrom is back on the bench.Troy Apke returns to the active lineup today, and Kenny Ladler returns to the bench.Jamison Crowder was ruled out on Friday with an ankle injury and misses another game. Paul Richardson Jr. missed last weeks game with knee/shoulder injuries, but is active today. Maurice Harris will play in the slot today in place of Crowder. Michael Floyd will also be active. Brian Quick is inactive todayAdrian Peterson will play today while dealing with lingering shoulder and knee injuries.Chris Thompson returns to the active lineup today after missing the last two games with rib and knee injuries. Samaje Perine is inactive, and Kapri Bibbs will back up Thompson.Quinton Dunbar missed last week, and was listed as questionable this week. Dunbar is out again andFabian Moreau and Greg Stroman will step into the #2 and CB spots again this week. Adonis Alexander and Caleb Brantley are also active for the second time for the Redskins today. Washington Redskins Inactives New York Giants Inactives Custom Carolina Panthers Jerseys
12 2019
Monday was the National Championship game. That ended the college bowl season Jim Otto Jersey , giving us our last glimpse of many of the drafts top prospects. With their bodies of work now complete, who would you like to see the Raiders take at the fourth overall pick?Missing on a top five pick can set your organization back years, so its imperative that Jon Gruden and new general manager Mike Mayock strike gold with this pick.This years draft class is littered with talent along the defensive line; a major area of need for the Raiders.The list of top defensive line talent includes Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, Clelin Ferrell, and Ed Oliver.Bosa is ranked as the top prospect on many draft boards, making it highly unlikely he falls to the four spot. Any of the other prospects could potentially be there.Here is a profile of each prospect.Quinnen Williams, DT, AlabamaHeight: 6-4Weight: 295Williams rise to the top of draft boards has been quite remarkable.Williams, a redshirt sophomore craved out himself a small role as a rotational player along Alabamas dominant defensive line in 2017.In 2018, Williams worked his way into a starting position.Williams was one of the most dominant defensive of players in all of college football.He was awarded the Outland Trophy, an honor presented to the nations top interior offensive or defensive lineman.He also received first team All-American honors.Williams finished the season with 71 tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss, eight sacks Kenny Stabler Jersey , and 12 quarterback hurries.Josh Allen, OLB, KentuckyHeight: 6-5Weight: 260After Kentuckys Citrus Bowl victory over Penn State, Senior linebacker Josh Allen proclaimed himself the top pick in 2019 draft.His three sack and one blocked punt performance in the game certainly didnt hurt his case.Allen finishes his career with 31.5 sacks (17 in 2018), 220 tackles, and 42 tackles for loss.He was recognized for his stellar play in his Senior season by winning several awards and honors including first team All-American, SEC defensive player of the year, Bronko Nagurski award (most outstanding defensive player), Chuck Bednarik award (national defensive player of the year), Ronnie Lott trophy (defensive impact player of the year), and the Jack Lambert award (top linebacker).Clelin Ferrell, DE, ClemsonHeight: 6-4Weight: 265Two time national champ and captain of this years team, Clelin Ferrell would fill an immediate need for a Raiders pass rush that generated a league worst 13 sacks. Another highly decorated prospect, Ferrell was named 2018 ACC player of the year George Blanda Jersey , consensus All-American, and Ted Hendricks award winner (nations top defensive end).He will leave Death Valley with 27 career sacks, 166 tackles, 50.5 tackles for loss, and five forced fumbles.Ed Oliver, DT, HoustonHeight: 6-3Weight: 290A month or two ago, Olivers name was mentioned as a potential top pick in the draft but following a knee injury that forced him to miss the teams final five games (Oliver opted not to play in the bowl game) and some issues surrounding his character after a sideline dispute with his coach, he has seen his stock drop on some big boards.Despite those minor issues, there is no denying his talent.Oliver is being compared to 2017 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald.As stout as Oliver was in 2018, his best season might have been in 2017 when he registered 73 tackles, 5.5 sacks, and 16.5 tackles for loss.That season he was named a consensus All-American (2017, 2018) Jim Plunkett Jersey , Outland trophy winner (nations most outstanding interior lineman), and AAC defensive player of the year.Silver Mining 10/4: Jon Gruden said he wanted to draft Derwin James Raiders NewsJon Gruden claims he wanted to take Derwin James in the first roundAfter James has become a front-runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year, Gruden seemingly threw Reggie McKenzie under a bus claiming he wanted to draft James, but didnt because high picks had already been spent on Karl Joseph and Obi Melifonwu. Ready or not Raiders to start rookie tackles at both spots versus ChargersWith Donald Penn placed on Injured Reserve, Brandon Parker will start opposite of Kolton Miller this Sunday. Daryl Worleys suspension ends, and hes ready to contribute to RaidersThe Raiders are getting a significant boost to their defensive backfield with Worleys return. A quarter into the season some Raiders players on pace to put up crazy numbersJared Cook is notably on track to record nearly 1,500 yards receiving. Raiders likely to bolt Bay Area early if they cant reach deal on ColiseumThe Raiders are threatening to leave the Bay Area if Oakland makes good on its threat to file a multimillion lawsuit against the team. Raiders Film Room: Carrs clutch passes, Hursts improved technique, Conleys benchingTed Nguyen takes readers into the film room to analyze key players from the Raiders week four victory over the Browns. Raiders-Chargers injury report: Kelechi Osemele misses practice with knee injuryWhich players could be held out for the Raiders upcoming matchup against the Chargers? AFC WestChiefs stock report: Who is rising and falling after the first quarter of the NFL season? Patrick Mahomes has emerged as an MVP candidate, but which other Chiefs have emerged in 2018?How the Chiefs roared back to beat the BroncosFilm review as to how exactly Kansas City managed to come back to beat the Broncos on Monday Night Football. Broncos-Jets injury reportVon Miller wasnt the only name to appear on the list. Vance Joseph: Royce Freeman Needs more opportunities The Broncos third round pick has been out-played by undrafted free agent Phillip Lindsay, and has lost touches as a result. Chargers: Derwin James is a superstar in the makingThe Chargers first round pick is the front-runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year, and for good reason.The Bolts defensive backfield continues to be pick your poisonDespite losing cornerback Jason Verrett for the season, the Chargers secondary has been dominant. Around The NFLBill Belichick has some extremely fond memories of one current Colts playerIt is rare for the Patriots head coach to speak this highly of a player. Jimmy Garoppolo undergoes ACL surgeryThe Niners QB is out for the year, but is on track for a return in 2019. Aaron Donald talks new pass rushing rulesDonald discusses how challenging it is to play under the new regulations.
19 2018
to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football , the Denver Broncos will look to rebound on the road this Sunday when they face off against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.Though its only the fifth game of the year its a must win for the Broncos. It sounds cliche, but its the truth. The franchise has a tough schedule ahead of the, especially when you consider upcoming games against the Los Angeles Rams and the aforementioned Chiefs, who are undoubtedly the cream of the crop in the National Football League. A win on the road against the Jets keeps their playoff hopes alive, but a loss on the road dropping them to 2-3 in a competitive AFC would be catastrophic to those aspirations.The Broncos lead the all-time series against the Jets 20-15-1 and have been victorious in four of the last five games dating back to 2008. The Jets began their season with a decisive 48-17 victory against the Detroit Lions in the first week of the season, but have since dropped three games in a row and are eager to get things moving in a positive direction at home hosting the Broncos. Lets take a deeper look at the Jets, as well as a few keys to the game and my final prediction.A comprehensive look at the Jets defenseMost certainly, the strength of the Jets team this season has been their defense. Opposing quarterbacks are being held to a meager 79.7 QB rating gong up against them, a number good enough for sixth-best in the league. Their secondary and linebackers have shown a penchant for creating turnovers and have six interceptions to date, which is top-five among all defenses. On average, their secondary has allowed 247 yards passing per game which ranks thirteenth league-wide. However, cornerback Trumaine Johnson, a key member of their secondary, has officially been ruled out for Sundays contest. That should allow the Broncos to have a bit more success through the air than average against their defense.With Johnson out, primary corner duties will go to veterans Morris Claiborne and Buster Skrine who have had above-average campaigns for the Jets this season. Though the gem of the Jets defense is second-year safety Jamal Adams, who has produced in a big way to date with 31 tackles, 1 sack, 3 passes defended, 1 interception and a forced fumble. Without question, he is the big-time player in their secondary you will definitely want to keep an eye out for on Sunday.Anchoring down their defensive line is fourth-year veteran and former Pro-Bowler Leonard Williams Justin Simmons Jersey , who is looking to rebound this year after a 2017 campaign which was lackluster compared to years past. That being said, his teammates in the trenches have done a phenomenal job opening things up for their inside linebackers. Avery Williamson and Darron Lee who have been notable playmakers for their defense and arguably two of the best defenders on the team.The Jets rushing defense is only allowing a meager 3.8 yards per carry which is seventh best in the league. However, teams are still attempting to establish the running game against them, as they are allowing roughly 108 yards per game and have given up 4 rushing touchdowns, which rank in the middle of the pack in comparison to other teams. Overall, the Jets defense is ranked thirteenth in points allowed and twelfth in yards allowed, but have also forced six fumbles, third best in the NFL. Those rankings arent too shabby considering their defense lacks a premier edge rusher.Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles is known for his aggressive defenses that have a penchant for blitzing and disguising their coverage schemes, which makes it no surprise they have racked up ten sacks and forced a lot of turnovers early on this year. Primarily a 3-4 defense that runs a lot of zone coverage, Bowles hasnt shied away from being flexible and changing up his formations due to the strengths of their opponents. They are a disciplined unit committing the third-least penalties in the league and for the most part have had great success stopping their opponents (especially on third down), outside of their game last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars where they surrendered over 500 yards of total offense.A comprehensive look at the Jets offenseSince the days of Ken OBrien, the Jets have been in an endless search spanning nearly three decades to find a franchise quarterback. But the Jets arent alone in that respect, as that has seemingly been the case for every team outside New England in the AFC East since Tom Brady came along. After years of draft busts and journeymen players calling the shots under center, the Jets made a bold move to trading high up in the draft to select former University of Southern California signal caller Sam Darnold in this past draft to be their future for years to come.Like all rookie quarterbacks, ups and downs are going to happen and that has certainly been the case with Darnold. He has struggled in the past two games, especially in respect to his with his accuracy and has failed to reach the 200-yard mark in those contests. On the season he has 868 yards passing, but has completed a meager 57.5 percent of his attempts. He also has more interceptions (five) than touchdowns (four). Not only that, his offensive line has had some issues in pass protection, and he has been sacked ten times thus far.In order to help out their young gunslinger, the Jets have used a healthy dose of running back duo of Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powellwho are the focal point of the Jets offense attack. The two have combined for 81 rushes, 336 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground Authentic Chris Harris Jr Jersey , with Powell also proving to be a threat out of the backfield as a receiver with 10 receptions for 105 yards and a touchdown.Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa has proven to be Darnolds favorite target to date. He has been targeted 37 times, but has only caught 21 passes for 278 yards and a touchdown. The teams second leading receiver is Terrell Pryor, who has been a vertical thread averaging nearly 20 yards per catch this season. Robby Anderson and Jermain Kearse are the Jets other two top receiving options, but have only combined for 14 catches, 165 yards and a touchdown.Offensively, the Jets are ranked twenty-first in points scored and twenty-ninth in yards. If the Broncos defense can shut down their rushing duo, that will force Darnold to make some serious plays to try and win the game something he hasnt been capable of doing to date. On the bright side, outside of the fourth quarter against the Chiefs the Broncos defense was playing great. I have a feeling they want shot at redemption this week against the Jets and will look to make the most going up against a struggling Darnold. Two Big Keys to the GameWinning the turnover battleIn four games this year, the Jets have turned the ball over eight times. Yet their defense has had a knack for big-plays and have forced ten turnovers. Unfortunately for Jets fans, being positive in the turnover battle hasnt translated to wins. On the other hand, the Broncos have turned the ball over at least once in every game and six times on the year, but have only amassed three turnovers. All of which came in the first week against the Seattle Seahawks. The Broncos defense has a prime opportunity to take advantage of a rookie quarterback who is struggling. However, the Jets defense has same chance given Case Keenums enormous issues to date. If Denver wants to win on Sunday, they need to force a few turnovers and dial up subsequent scoring drives to capitalize off them. Most importantly, they cant continue to shoot themselves in the foot by turning the ball over on offense.The Broncos cant abandon the running gameThe Broncos underutilized their rushing attack against the Chiefs, which was a huge mistake and one of the primary reasons they lost on Monday Night Football. Although the Jets defense is much better at defending the run, that is certainly no reason for Denver to ignore what has been their greatest strength on offense this season. A healthy dose of Royce Freeman, who deserves more opportunities, as well as Phillip Lindsay will be crucial in establishing an effective offense to win on the road.Harts PredictionSundays early afternoon affair will be a good test to see what type of team the Broncos will be this year. Will they rise to the occasion and get back in the win column after their Mile High Meltdown on Monday Night Football or will they continue to struggle on the east coast and drop to 2-3? A win would prove to be a significant boost to their momentum and their chances at making the playoffs this year, but a loss would be catastrophic toward those aspirations. With the pressure on them to perform, I believe the Broncos will make a statement on the road against the Jets and dial up the pressure on Sam Darnold and cause a few big turnovers that will be the deciding factor in the game.Broncos 30 Youth Emmanuel Sanders Jersey , Jets 17.Broncos vs. Chiefs score predictions: Few think Denver can win this game The Denver Broncos (2-1) have their work cut out for them on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs (3-0). The Broncos have been generally lackluster to start the season, while the Chiefs have been lighting the world on fire offensively. Those two realities have really depressed the collective optimism of the Mile High Report staff heading into this game as we predict a 34-26 Chiefs victory in Denver.Here is how we each broke it down individually.Broncos 34, Chiefs 21All signs point to a Chiefs romp in Denver on Monday Night Football, which means Im going to go against that grain and go with a stunning Broncos upset at home. AFC West crowns are won in December, not in September and that is an issue the Chiefs havent quite figured out. At least, thats what I am hoping for in this one. - Tim LynchChiefs 42, Broncos 24The Broncos have one chance and one chance only at winning this game: They need to come out swinging and play aggressive, up-tempo offense and have a clear mentality that theyll score 35+ points. If they come in with that swagger and mentality, they can very well walk away victorious. This will take dedication and commitment from the coaching staff, from the tippy-top to the very bottom. A coaching staff that isnt playing scared and trusts their players to make plays. A coaching staff who is fearless and wont play not to lose. A coaching staff who prepares their players and puts them in the best possible position to be successful. I honestly believe if we can get that from the coaches, we will walk out of Mile High Stadium victorious. And because of that, Im giving this game to the Chiefs. - Pete BaronChiefs 31, Broncos 24Denver is at home which is why I think this one is closer than people would think. It will come down to if the offense can finally put together a full game and not look good in spurts, and downright awful the rest of the time.I think the Chiefs end up coming away with this one, unfortunately. - Jeff EssaryBroncos 33, Chiefs 30 (OT)For the life of me, I cant pick the Broncos to lose. But the offense is going to have to keep up, and the defense is going to have rattle the you-know-what out of Mahomes to keep him from lighting up the scoreboard all night long. I pick a Broncos victory with an OT field goal, 33-30. Mile High goes crazy. - Laurie Lattimore-VolkmannChiefs 38, Broncos 27Broncos are likely going to lose. Their offense hasnt shown enough to keep up with Mahomes who unfortunately doesnt look like a bust. We have no answer for Kelce and Hill always burns the Broncos.It hopefully is closer than most think but unless Keenum and the Broncos offense get their heads out of their ass, theyre going 2-2. - Scotty PayneChiefs 31 , Broncos 24As I told Adam Malnati on the latest MHR Radio Podcast, when it comes to rivalry games, always expect the unexpected. This is the 116th time these two rivals will play. Yet even if Denver runs the ball, controls tempo, Case Keenum doesnt play like Trevor Siemian and the Orange Rush makes life miserable for Mahomes, its still not enough. The Broncos will also have to create turnovers, which is something this defense struggles to do (it has three in three games). I think the game is closer than most expect, but Denver still loses. - Ian St. ClairChiefs 51, Broncos 35Paint me a pessimist, but nothing in the first three weeks tells me that this Broncos team can hang with the Chiefs. There is a path to victory, and it starts with Case Keenum being efficient, and the offense being able to sustain drives. Kansas Citys defense is bad. There is a chance that Denver can keep Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense off the field and control the tempo of the game. If that happens, the Broncos could come away with a win. However, the defense has glaring issue for the Broncos as well. The No Fly Zone has turned into the Frequent Flyers Lounge. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, this game could be a lot like that Broncos/Rams game back in 2000. Points all over the place, and last team with the ball wins. I dont actually think it will be that close. Sometimes the other car is just faster, and right now the Chiefs offense is a Ferrari, and the Broncos are a Kia. 51-35 Chiefs. - Adam MalnatiBroncos 31, Chiefs 27The Chiefs have a smoking hot offense. It is predicated on a young big-armed QB who has yet to face a real pass rush. Im going against the grain on this one and calling this a Bronco win due to a great pass rush plan from our defense. It will be close. We are playing a very impressive team. Sure it could be a blow-out. But I doubt it...not at Mile High. Not in our house. - SadaraineSo much pessimism up in here today. Had to lead with a win and end with a win prediction. Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.
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