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> Vinyl Bootlegs
сообщение 18.08.2017, 07:57
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I've had replies from a few different record labels now saying that they don't want to release vinyl masters in digital form because they think this would enable bootlegs to be produced more easily.

Now I'm not a vinyl guy so I don't really have any idea whether that is realistic or not. From the small amount I have read, it seems that it's hard enough for legitimate record companies to get their vinyl produced these days, because of the limited number of production facilities. But I have no idea how bootleg vinyl gets produced.

Do any of you vinyl guys have insight into this?
How many vinyl bootlegs actually get produced these days?
Do you own any? If so, why? What do they cost? What is the quality like? Where do you buy them?
If not, is there a specific reason you wouldn't buy them?
Would you buy bootlegged vinyl if you knew it was produced from the same master as the legitimate pressing?

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