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19 авг 2017
Then mmocrawlerbots was similar until that shut down 1-2 years ago.
Both would only get you banned if you were stupid about setting it up from what I was told.
Are there any bots currently being used without people getting banned?
Are these the bots used by Chinese gold farmers?
If you purchase gold from a website claiming to be reliable, how it it possible to get banned from someone trading you gold for nothing?

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19 авг 2017
I understand that I might have to wait in a que at the beginning of an expansion. However, my aggravation comes from the fact that I have been disconnected from the server and forced to sign back on and placed back at the bottom of Que with 3200 in ahead again. As I write this, I have been, "Disconnected from Server" again.
I have never had a problem with dropping connections.
Closing this as there are many active threads about launch issues. Please post in one of the existing threads.

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19 авг 2017
Can someone please explain to me what the point is of mounting your mammoth and blocking the quest giver? Do people enjoy slowing down others leveling speed or something I don't understand
Yes, people sometimes just want to frustrate others. People think its funny. since warlords of draenor is a pretty big event for alot of people, they know that alot of people will be pissed off by it. just go into first person mode and phase through their mammoth fur. that should help

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19 авг 2017

I have a problem where whenever I want to login on a character, a second after I enter the world I immediately get disconnected from the game. At first I thought this might be an issue due to the unstable servers, but then I found out that it's only happening on that one character. I can login fine on every other character except the one. This character is stationed in Talador currently, where I have been questing for quite some time without problems until this happened.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there any way I can resolve this apart from writing a ticket, which I did, and waiting who knows how long to get a reply? Or is my only option now to wait?

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19 авг 2017
This one might sound funny at first, but i am trying to look for and fix all the exception cases in my code. And this one just came in the list.

Couple of my orders that i placed when on my system crossed 9:15 AM, got rejected for below reason:

order timestamp: 17-08-2017 09:14:59.
Exchange timestamp: 17-08-2017 09:14:59.

16387 : Security is not allowed to trade in this market

Reason is clear, they got fired bit earlier.

Actually, based on pre open market data, i need to place some orders at the market open price (as soon as the market opens after pre open session).

Is there a way, i can synchronize with the zerodha clock / exchange clock.
Or any alternative, (may be placing AMO order or something), to avoid this case.

I am trying to find a better alternative, than to rely on my system clock.

Any suggestions?

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27 Jun 2017 - 22:17

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