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> Music general discussion thread
сообщение 30.05.2017, 07:25
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Since there isnt really a thread to talk about music in general I decided to make one but like the general rule is dont bash any one's music tastes (unless they like Iggy)

so yah for me I really like listening to Sia a lot, her last album was a cool return to her roots after the one before, "We are born", which was a mostly all super pop type album thing. but 1000 forms of fear is great and stuff and i'm glad that Sia has become a much bigger star and getting the credit she deserves after having so many other great albums and what not. Im loving the PinkPrint by Nicki Minaj, it is really personal to her but it also has a lot of fun songs that Nicki has been known for like "the night is still young" and "Anaconda". Marina and the Diamond's "FROOT" is also a great album

I dont think this violates forum rules as long as we refrain from dumping musics and posting illegal musics

Please Help.
Thanks !

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