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> Mouse stuttering issue in World of Warcraft
сообщение 20.06.2018, 09:24
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I just installed 1.3.20 from the PPA on my Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit installation. One of the new features is the "Option to clip the mouse inside fullscreen windows". I wonder if this is related to the problem that has now cropped up since 1.3.19. In World of Warcraft when I move my mouse the position resets at constant intervals (~ 2 seconds). (When moving the mouse ever two seconds the camera reverts to the position about two seconds ago.) It's horrible and makes the game unplayable. I compiled 1.3.19 from source and ran the game from the build directory. The issue isn't there and the mouse behaves normally. This is something new that has cropped up in 1.3.20. I've tried checking/unchecking the "Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows" in the Graphics tab of Wine configuration but the problem persists. I run World of Warcraft full-screen anyway so I'm not even sure if that setting would apply to me - if I read it correctly isn't a "full-screen window" the same thing as a maximized window?

Any help will be apprecited.

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сообщение 21.10.2018, 22:39
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А есть вов под линукс ? если да можно ссылку 2.4.3
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