Last Thursday Prince Amukamara Jersey , we asked for fans from all over the web to give out some suggestions to an updated nickname for this 2018 squad on the Chicago Bears defense. Or, as many have suggested, simply declare a rebirth of the Monsters of the Midway. Depending on which perspective you may look, that historic name has stuck with the whole team since the 1940s. If youd like to scroll over the suggestions made last week , then here is a link to my first Fan Challenge article. Alas, now is the time to begin with the first round of voting! And, with the defense showing no signs of slowing down knocks on wood it marks for the best time to make this tough choice. This poll will last for exactly one calendar week, with the final pole to be released with the top three suggestions. Of course Womens Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , the people who suggested these nicknames will receive full credit for their suggestions, and be given a hearty shout out when the tallies are finalized. Now, may the voting commence!NFL Power Rankings: What did the second half failure do to the Bears ranking? The Chicago Bears looked like a Super Bowl contender for about an hour on Sunday Night Football. A crisp offense, a terrifying defense Pat O'Donnell Jersey , and a rival left reeling. But then, the wheels fell off. They didnt fall off as bad as they did in Detroit, but Chicagos second half against the Green Bay Packers is one wed all like to forget. So how does the national power rankers view the Jekyll and Hyde Bears? Do they believe that first half performance was a precursor of things to come and the second half was just a young team getting swept up in the moment, or do they believe the first half was a fluke and the second half was the real Bears?SB Nation has the Bears down to 17 after being at 13 last week. I have to check in with SB Nations Mile High Report to see how they treat the Bears now that their Jilted-Lover-Syndrome with Jay Cutler is in the past. ESPN has the Bears up to 21 after being at 26 for the preseason. Heres how the Sporting News has it.The USA Today has it like this. The Washington Post has it like this.Yahoo has a bunch of Bears thoughts in their power ranking article , but as for the actual ranking, its below. Some moved the Bears up after the loss, and some moved them down. How do you see their prospects heading into week 2?