Hi. My mum has recently purchased a new Landrover Discovery Sport and we've had some unsettling issues with the boot opening and closing unintentionally - when dogs have been getting in and out, and when driving off with them in.
We shut the boot after walking a couple of weeks ago and as we drove off it started to open then stopped around a foot high. We were on the side of a road and thankfully the dogs didn't move, and we were able to shut it. But we have no idea how or why it happened. It was definitely closed properly.
Today I got one dog into the boot and it started to close as the other tried to jump in. I put my arm out to stop it but it didn't stop on the sensor - instead coming down and bruising my arm as my dog fell back landing on his back on the tarmac.
What please is causing this?

Please help.


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References: http://www.discoverysport.net/forum/discov...ing-issues.html

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